Start-Up Month

Introduction of the Start-Up Month The Start-Up Month is the next step after the Free Trial Week. So you want to continue CrossFit and now what? Now it is time for us coaches the prepare you the best we can for your CrossFit journey. In the Start-Up Month you have unlimited acces to the CrossFit Lite WOD’s. These WOD’s are very similar …

CrossFit Lite

CrossFit Lite WOD (Workout Of the Day) has the same ingrediënts as a regular CrossFit WOD (functionele movements, constant varied done at relative high intensity), but without complex movements and no heavy weights. Our first focus is moving with the right mechanics with the basic movements. Then we want you to be consistant with the right mechanics and only then …

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WOD | 27.02.2018

AFAP (As Fast As Possible)
3 Rounds For Time Of:
15 Deadlifts 80/60kg
12 Box Jumps
9 Ring Dips

1. 10 Hollow Rocks + 10 Arch Rocks 5 x 3 (keep feet/hands off floor in transition)
2. Weighted Pass Throughs / Dislocates 3 x 120 secs (SLOW & ribs locked down!!)
3. Push Up Support one arm holds 5 x 10 secs / hand (shoulder stacked over hand)
4. V-Outs (rings) 3 x 5 SLOW!!! Move feet fwd to Deload.
5. Handstand shrugs (stomach to wall) 3 x 10

Balance drills
a) 5x 30″ sec spotted freestanding balance practice (so find a spotter)
b) Reverse planche – back to wall, hands approx 0.5m away. Planche shoulders back over hands & use core, shoulders & fingers to pull body to vertical. Hold & rest on wall
2. Handstand kick-up practice (20 attempts off wall)

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WOD | 26.02.2018

EMOM For 21 Minutes
1 – 7 Min: 5 H.P. Snatches + 5 OH Squats 40/30kg
8 – 14 Min: 3 H.P. Snatches + 3 OH Squats 50/35kg
15 – 21 Min 1 H.P.Snatch + 2 OHSquats 60/40kg

8 rounds for time of
3 Tire Flips
6 Pull Ups
9 GHD Sit Ups
12 Cals Row/Ski

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WOD | 25.02.2018

Open workout 18.1
Complete as many rounds as possible
in 20′ minutes of:
8 Toes 2 Bars
10 Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks
14/12 cal Row

Regular WOD
EMOM for 10′ of
Odd Minutes: 20 Wall Balls 20/14lbs
Even Minutes: 15 Hang Power Cleans 45/32,5kg

-Rest 5′

EMOM for 10′ of
Odd Minutes: 15 Box Jumps
Even Minutes: 10 Shoulder 2 Overhead 45/32,5kg